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Installing aeneas


This page describes how to install aeneas on a Windows computer for use with Bloom. aeneas is an additional, free software package which Bloom uses to divide recorded audio for a text box into sentence-sized chunks.

Recording audio by text box

Bloom has two methods for recording audio narration for a book: by sentence and by text box. Bloom’s usual way of recording narrated audio is one sentence at a time. Bloom will highlight each sentence and allow you to record audio for that sentence.

However, if you record a whole text box at once, the recording usually sounds more natural. If there is more than one sentence in the text box, Bloom uses an extra software package called aeneas to split the recording into sentences.

To enable recording by text box, tick the check box that says Record by whole text box, then let Bloom split it into sentences later. Bloom will highlight the entire text box.

If you do not have the aeneas software package installed on your computer, Bloom will display a warning in the lower portion of the Talking Book tool controls, saying To split recordings into sentences, first install the aeneas system.

How to install aeneas

  1. Click the link under “aeneas” in the Talking Book Tool’s warning box, or navigate to this webpage to download the aeneas software:
  1. Click the aeneas-windows-setup-1.7.3.exe link to download the software.

  1. Find the downloaded aeneas-windows-setup-1.7.3.exe installer program (probably in the Downloads folder) and double-click it to launch the software installer. Windows will show you a User Account Control window, asking whether you want to allow the app to make changes to your device. Click Yes.

The aeneas tools setup wizard will start.

  1. Click Next to follow the steps of the setup wizard. Do not make any changes to the default installation settings unless you are sure what you are doing.

  1. When you reach the “Ready to Install” screen, click Install. You will see a number of installation status screens, including some in the Windows command line.

Eventually, you will see a “Completing the aeneas tools Setup Wizard” screen.

  1. Restart your computer.

Now you can record an entire text box in Bloom, and let Bloom automatically split the recording into sentences.