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About BloomPUB Bundles

A BloomPUB Bundle is a collection of BloomPUB files along with a “bookshelf” file all “bundled up” into a single file.

BloomPUB Bundles are used in connection with the Bloom Reader app. The purpose is to provide an easy way to share a large number of BloomPUBs with interested readers of your books.

When a person opens a BloomPUB Bundle on an Android device with Bloom Reader installed, Bloom Reader will “unpack” the file and add all of its books and bookshelves to its book list.

The normal way to make a BloomPUB bundle is to use the “Make all BloomPUBs from Publish to BloomPUB screen in Bloom’s desktop editor. For more information, see Bloom Bulk Book Processing.


The Samsung File Manager does not handle .bloombundle (or .bloomPUB) files.

Unfortunately, we have determined that we can do nothing about this.