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About Bloom Enterprise

Bloom Enterprise is a paid subscription service that provides additional features and tools for organizations and projects. By subscribing to this service, organizations and projects can meet some of their unique needs while also supporting the maintenance of Bloom, which helps everybody.

Bloom Enterprise subscribers have access to the following features and tools:

Enterprise book features

Enterprise customers gain access to additional Bloom Editor features:

Branding and custom page layouts

Bloom can automatically display your logo(s) on the cover, title page, or back cover of your books. Enterprise customers can also specify the copyright and license that each book will contain. For further details on Bloom branding, see What Bloom Branding can do.


Bloom Enterprise customers may also request custom covers and front-matter pages at an additional charge, based on the amount of work such customization requires.

Overlay Tool

The Overlay Tool allows the user to place text, images, or video over a partial or full-page image. This allows more complex page layouts, including Digital and Paper Comic Book Templates.

Activity pages

Bloom supports two kinds of activity pages in digital books: Comprehension Questions and Simple Choice Activities.’

Comprehension questions let you design multiple-choice questions for readers to answer. These activities enhance the reading experience, and Bloom’s analytics system can capture whether readers answer the questions correctly or incorrectly. Such information can provide valuable data for an organization or project’s monitoring and evaluation efforts.

Simple Choice Activities come in two varieties: Choose Word from Picture and Choose Picture from Word.

HTML5 widgets

HTML5 widgets are JavaScript apps that are programmed outside of Bloom and can be embedded in Bloom book pages. These widgets open up many options for making books interactive.

To view just one example of a Bloom book with a widget, click the link below and go to page 9.

Editing tools

Team Collections

Team Collections enable a team to collaborate on a single collection of books. Team members check books in and out as they work on them, and use the Dropbox file-sharing service to synchronize files between their computers.

Spreadsheet export/import

Spreadsheet export/import allows you to export the contents of a Bloom book to a specially formatted Excel spreadsheet, and import the content back into a Bloom book. While there are some limitations on what can be exported and imported, this can be a convenient way to add translations into one or more new languages to a Bloom book.

Publishing features

Bloom Library Collections

Enterprise customers can request a dedicated page on that features their books. The page can also feature a logo, a short blurb about the project or organization, and a link for more information. Bloom Library pages can also be embedded on your own website.

Uploading collections to Bloom Library

Bloom Enterprise users can upload all the books in a collection—or even several collections of books—to Bloom Library in one step.

Convenient creation of multiple BloomPUBs

Bloom Reader is a free Android app that allows readers with Android devices to enjoy Bloom books offline. Bloom Reader uses a special BloomPUB file format that supports all Bloom’s features, including audio and video playback. Bloom Enterprise subscribers can create BloomPUB files for all books in a collection in one step.

Analytics collects anonymized analytics data from books read online, in Bloom Reader, or in other apps that use Bloom books. Enterprise customers can monitor the usage of their books through this dashboard, including reading activity, location data, and responses to comprehension questions.

For an additional charge, customers can also be given access to the SQL database of analytic events for their collection for more detailed analysis or presentation.

How to subscribe

To learn more about Bloom Enterprise or to subscribe, contact us.


SIL International staff should read about Bloom Enterprise on Gateway.