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What Bloom Branding can do

A branding pack can fill various slots that are already in a Front/Back Matter pack. It can fill them with an html (text / graphics).

Our built-in front/back matter packs have slots here:

  • Front cover top (Bloom 5.3)
  • Front cover bottom (Bloom 5.3)
  • Credits page top
  • Credits page bottom
  • Title page bottom
  • Outside back cover top
  • Outside back cover bottom

In addition, a branding pack can declare:

  • Default copyright
  • License
  • License notes

Note, when you need something that can’t be done with Branding Packs, then we fall back to making “Custom Front/Back Matter Packs” (sometimes called “XMatter Packs”). For these, we can add new pages, new branding slots, etc. They require a Bloom developer to create for which we bill hourly. They require more effort than you would guess-- at least several hours per page).

Branding in Bloom is like decorating a house… it’s easy, but there are limits. In contrast, Custom Front/Back Matter is like moving walls or adding on new rooms.

Here’s are some examples:

Cover Page

Title Page

Credits Page Top

Credit Page default license & license notes

(from Suluh-INOVASI)

(from GRN-REACH)

Credits Page Bottom

Back Cover Top

Back Cover Bottom